Our Solutions

Highcon delivers innovation and differentiation that converters, printers, and brand owners all need, transforming “finishing” into a value adding process removing design limitations, increasing speed to market, eliminating costly production steps and reducing carbon footprint.

Folding-carton converters are under ever-increasing pressure to respond to customers’ requirements: faster and more responsive delivery, increased versioning, shorter run lengths and more creative designs. The need to increase value while remaining competitive and profitable drives what you do. Highcon offers the solution to this growing challenge.
Innovative printers looking to extend their product portfolio or to gain a larger share of their clients' print spend frequently have to outsource folding carton work, losing time, money and control. By bringing the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing solution in-house, printers can not only regain control of folding carton work but can also offer new products to their existing customer base and attract new customers.
Highcon removes the barriers that once existed to package design creativity, allowing for much needed innovation.  This allows brand owners and retailers to design, market and package their products the way they want to, at the speed they need,
The Highcon Axis 2D to 3D platform is a software solution that brings the benefits of a web-to-print system to all the players in the complex paper or cartonboard production supply chain. While web-to-print solutions handle only straightforward 2D products, like brochures or business cards, the Highcon Axis handles all the intricacies of 3-dimensional folding applications.