Highcon Euclid

The Highcon Euclid Series

The Highcon Euclid is the world’s first production speed digital cutting and creasing machine, transforming cutting and creasing from an analogue to a digital workflow, dramatically streamlining the finishing process.

The machine combines the patented DART technology to create the digital crease lines, with a unique high speed and high quality laser cutting solution.

The machines handle sheets up to a maximum 760mm X 1060mm (30” X 42”), enabling output from both conventional and digital presses. Supporting label and paperboard thicknesses from 0.2mm to 0.6mm (8-24 pt.), and N & F microflute up to 1.2mm (47 pt.) Euclid users can handle the most demanding of jobs.


  • Improved substrate handling system
  • Creasing: balance between strength and flexibility,
  • Cutting: Optimized cutting algorithms
  • Software: User-friendly make-ready, cutting & registration algorithms for efficient use of consumables,


  • Increased Design Flexibility - intricate cutouts, etching, scoring, cut over crease
  • Faster Time to Market - rapid setup time and last minute edits or changes
  • Increased Efficiency - proofing and production on the same machine - digital workflow
  • Digital Storage - no more warehouses
  • Increased Sustainability

Euclid Series Comparison

Euclid II Euclid II+ Euclid II S
Format B1 B1 B2
Upgrade to full B1 solution Optional
New software version  icon_V  icon_V icon_V
Optimized cutting algorithms  icon_V icon_V icon_V
New substrate handling system  icon_V icon_V icon_V
Highcon Integrated Digital Stripping Unit  Optional icon_V Optional
Optical registration*  Optional icon_V Optional
Fine cutting accelerator  Optional icon_V Optional
Highcon Light Editor software  Optional  Optional Optional
Web-to-pack software  Optional  Optional Optional
*machine direction image registration