Highcon Euclid

The Highcon® Beam 2C digital cutting and creasing solution answers the stringent market requirements for corrugated packaging; non-crush process, customizable to enable rightsizing.

About Highcon Euclid

The Highcon Euclid Series

The Highcon Euclid is the world’s first production speed digital cutting and creasing machine, transforming cutting and creasing from an analogue to a digital workflow, dramatically streamlining the finishing process.

The machine combines the patented DART technology to create the digital crease lines, with a unique high speed and high quality laser cutting solution.

The machines handle sheets up to a maximum 760mm X 1060mm (30” X 42”), enabling output from both conventional and digital presses. Supporting label and paperboard thicknesses from 0.2mm to 0.6mm (8-24 pt.), and N & F microflute up to 1.2mm (47 pt.) Euclid users can handle the most demanding of jobs.


  • Improved substrate handling system
  • Creasing: balance between strength and flexibility,
  • Cutting: Optimized cutting algorithms
  • Software: User-friendly make-ready, cutting & registration algorithms for efficient use of consumables,


  • Increased Design Flexibility - intricate cutouts, etching, scoring, cut over crease
  • Faster Time to Market - rapid setup time and last minute edits or changes
  • Increased Efficiency - proofing and production on the same machine - digital workflow
  • Digital Storage - no more warehouses
  • Increased Sustainability

Euclid Series ComparisonEuclid Series Comparison

Euclid II Euclid II+ Euclid II S
Format B1 B1 B2
Upgrade to full B1 solution Optional
New software version  icon_V  icon_V icon_V
Optimized cutting algorithms  icon_V icon_V icon_V
New substrate handling system  icon_V icon_V icon_V
Highcon Integrated Digital Stripping Unit  Optional icon_V Optional
Optical registration*  Optional icon_V Optional
Fine cutting accelerator  Optional icon_V Optional
Highcon Light Editor software  Optional  Optional Optional
Web-to-pack software  Optional  Optional Optional
*machine direction image registration

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The Highcon® Beam 2C digital cutting and creasing solution answers the stringent market requirements for corrugated packaging

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