Highcon Euclid 5C


The Highcon Euclid 5C digital cutting and creasing machine has been specifically engineered to suit the needs of packaging converters working in B1 or B2 format for corrugated and fluted substrates from 1 mm up to 3mm / 40-120pt.

Not only does the Highcon Euclid 5C save on the production and storage of die cutting forms but also adds the flexibility of digital technology which enables JIT production, short runs, customized perforations with cleaner edges and easier opening, and variable data etching for customization or personalization down to the level of serial numbers.

Box Compression Tests that have been performed by comparing the digitally produced boxes with conventional ones have proven that boxes produced with the same substrate on the Euclid are stronger than those produced on conventional machines – and this enables thickness reduction that saves costs.

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At a glance

  • Digital technology for corrugated applications
  • Ability to customize structure to optimize box size
  • JIT ordering for customers

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Additional Modules

  • Included
    The Highcon CAD Light Editor software module allows operators to take full advantage of the flexibility of the digital cutting and creasing technology by enabling:

    * Last minute editing of crease and cut lines
    * Corrections, design changes, optimization
    * Nick optimization
    - Increasing or decreasing the size of nicks
    - Adding and removing nicks
    * Stripping lines which facilitate efficient waste removal
  • Optional add-on
    Highcon Advanced Registration adds the capability to detect a printed mark on the sheet while inputting sheets into the machine paper handling process. This is on top of a mechanical registration that detects the edge of the sheets. This new module improves the registration of cutting and creasing, reducing errors resulting from printing. This is of particular importance for digitally printed sheets and can compensate for the inaccuracy of the printed image relative to the sheet leading edge.
  • Optional add-on
    This easy to use, variable data cutting and etching software is a high value application for packaging, commercial printing and any printed communication, bringing the benefits of variable data to finishing. It turns a technical process into an opportunity for differentiation. Variable data cutting can transform simple products into premium ones by adding customization, personalization and security applications. The variable cutting can be performed per job as well as per sheet.


  • Improved responsiveness, short turnaround time
  • Ability to customize size and structure to optimize box size, reducing shipping costs
  • Profitable solution for in-house finishing of short runs at affordable price
  • Flexibility of digital technology enables JIT production, short runs, customized perforations with cleaner edges
  • Customized perforation capability enables optimized opening mechanisms


  • Substrate range: N, F, G, E & B single wall laminated microflute
  • Up to full B1/42 in. format
  • Up to 2,250 sheets/hour


  parameter metric  in.

Substrate and performance

Max format 760 X 1060 mm. portrait 30 X 42
Min format 500 x 700 mm. portrait 19.7 x 27.6
Microflute N+F+G+E+B* 1 – 3 mm. 40 – 120 pt.
Maximum throughput 2,250 sheets/hour
Pile data Height of feeder pile, inc. pallet 1.1 m. 3.6 ft.
Height of delivery pile, inc. pallet . 1 m. 3.3 ft.
Technical data Net cutting area 740 X 1050 mm. 29 X 41
Gripper margin 15 mm. 0.59
Machine dimensions & weight L x W x H 8.6 x 2.1 x 2.3 m 28 x 7 x 7.5 ft.
Net weight (tons) ~7 tons
*Board type – single wall, laminated, curviness range 40mm/1m (4%)