Folding Carton

Folding-carton converters are under ever-increasing pressure to respond to customers’ packaging requirements: faster and more responsive delivery, increased versioning, shorter run lengths and more creative designs. The need to increase value while remaining competitive and profitable drives the business. If that isn’t enough, there is also a need to show a continually improving sustainability record.

With an entirely analogue cutting and creasing process, the opportunity for continuous improvement is tough. There are limits to how efficiently and cost-effectively dies can be produced and machines made ready, even using the latest equipment.

Days can be lost waiting for tools followed by hours of expensive machine time and the high value labor costs consumed in the set-up processes. And the designs are constrained by the limitations of the traditional dies.

Folding Carton Products
Highcon Beam 2
Top-of-the-line digital cutting and creasing – unparalleled efficiency and proven ROI
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Highcon Euclid 5
Field proven digital cutting and creasing machine - opens the door to countless new opportunities in high value applications and markets
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Case Study
Rapid brings in Highcon's cutting edge tech to meet growing production needs in NWA

Rapid delivery with high-rate efficiency

What once took us 22 hours to complete now takes us 45 minutes, which is exactly what our customers need.: rapid delivery and high efficiency
Chad Hartman Rapid Brings In Highcon’s Cutting Edge Tech To Meet Growing Production Needs

Cost effective and timely production

Highcon’s digital laser cutting technology will play a critical role in ensuring cost-effective and timely production while delivering high-quality products to our customers
Richard Brown The BoxMaker Installs 3rd Highcon Digital Cutting and Creasing System to Expand Corrugated Business

It's all about Production

We can basically produce five minutes after we have got the ‘okay’ from the customer.
Lasse Svärd Watch the video

Amazing technology

The Highcon Beam provides us with the ability to do things that conventional steel rule dies cannot do.
Jordan & Monty Patterson Listen to Jordan