Highcon Engage VIP Event at Wihabo on September 4th, 2018

At Wihabo in Geffen, Netherlands, our guests got a chance to hear how the innovative Highcon digital cutting and creasing technology has been implemented. By joining the Open House event from 11AM-2PM, our guests got to get inspired and learn about the Highcon capabilities.

Click here to see images from the event and here to read more about the event on the Wihabo Blog.

Visitors at the event learned from Marc Fleskens, Manager at Tintelingen, Netherlands, about the unique story of their business offering personalized gift cards, and more products produced by the Highcon Euclid at Wihabo. Guests got a chance to ask questions of Wihabo user experience with digital finishing technology.

Couldn’t join us at Wihabo on September 4th, but interested in learning about the future Highcon Engage VIP Events? Click here and we will keep you updated!


General Information

Time: Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 at 11AM-2PM (GMT +2)

Venue: Wihabo, Heesterseweg 13, 5386 KT Geffen, Netherlands

Registration Deadline: Registration is now closed.

Suggested Accommodation Options:

For those who wish to book accommodation, Highcon recommends the Van der Valk Hotel in Nuland (www.hotelnuland.nl

  • All accommodation arrangements and payment are the responsibility of the attendee, depending on hotel’s price & availability.

Parking: Free parking is available at Wihabo.

Dress Code: Dress code will be business casual

Agenda: Agenda and times might change. The final agenda will be sent to invitees by email, prior to the event.


Gathering & Introduction
Keynote Speaker – The Story of Tintelingen
Marc Fleskens, SMP – Manager at Tintelingen
Wihabo Facility Tour
Highcon Euclid IIIS Live Demo
How the Highcon Machine has Impacted Our Business
Ruud Bosch, Director at Wihabo & Joris Bosch, Technical Director at Wihabo
Q&A & Summary


Contact Information: For any inquiry please contact Michelle Harel, Highcon Systems Ltd.

Email: michelle.harel@highcon.net, Phone: +972 8 9101705 (Ex.239), Mobile: +972 54 6801422


Registration is now closed. 

Please contact Michelle Harel at michelle.harel@highcon.net regarding further information.