From Fiber to Corrugated Board 2022

  • blankMay 17th - May 19th
  • blankŚwiecie, Poland
Highcon will be presenting at Mondi's 10th edition seminar entitled From Fibre to Corrugated Board

blankSimon Lewis, Highcon VP Marketing, will be presenting at Mondi’s seminar, from May 17th until May 19th in Świecie, Poland.

In this event, Simon will be focusing on Highcon’s new approach to Digital Manufacturing – including a real-life case study.

Find out how Highcon’s digital cutting and creasing solutions are helping companies to cope with today’s trends of shorter runs, more complex jobs, and real-time supply chains, enabling agile production and implementing sustainable practices as a core element to support their growth.

Interested in hearing more on this topic? Reach out to us at for more information

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