Dscoop Edge Orlando 2019

At the Highcon booth #121 at Dscoop Orlando, March 24-27, 2019 visitors will be able to see a wide range of samples and hear from Highcon users about their experience with the Highcon technology and how it has impacted their business growth.

Join us to learn more about how Highcon digital finishing goes hand in hand with digital printing.

Ptora Olive Oil Package | Printed on HP 30,000

Hear about case study stories from our customers and what amazing service they offer to their customers. Get a chance to discuss production and operational efficiency challenges in our industry, and get inspired by applications they are producing with their Highcon machines.

Interested in learning more about Highcon technology? We can send you a sample kit with our company brochure. Just click here to submit your request and let us take care of the rest.


Highcon Customer Panel – Transforming Digital Finishing into Business Growth

Monday, March 25th at 2:15PM – 3:00PM
Dscoop Educational Session 

We will be hosting a panel of Highcon customers with David Bennett, President at Bennett Graphics, and Bill Lorenz, V.P. Operations at Boutwell Owens. David & Bill will talk about their everyday workflow and operational efficiency using the Highcon digital cutting and creasing machines and the impact of the Highcon machines on their business.

This is a great opportunity to hear more about

  • How their customers benefit from new services offered with the Highcon
  • How their daily workflow has changed
  • What type of jobs they produce on the machine
  • How their profits increased using the Highcon Euclid


Bill Lorenz

Bill Lorenz, SR VP Operations Boutwell Owens, Fitchburg, MA

Bill has been SR VP Operations for Boutwell Owens for the past ten years and has pioneered Boutwell’s entrance and growth into the digital packaging markets. In 2014 BO was the first folding carton company in North America to install the HP Indigo 30000 press. In 2015 BO installed the Highcon Euclid III as demand for short run finishing for folded cartons increased substantially. In 2017 BO upgraded from the Euclid III to the Highcon Beam, a more productive model made exclusively to serve the folding carton markets. Bill has spent the bulk of his career in the folding carton and packaging world. He graduated with a degree in Engineering from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.


David Bennett

David Bennett, Owner, Bennett Graphics, Tucker, GA

David has been at the helm of his family’s print business for the past 25 years. He has grown and transformed Bennett Graphics from a small local printer serving customers in the Atlanta area to a full service Print & Marketing company serving large national brands, colleges and universities and nonprofit organizations across the country. Bennett Graphics is known for extremely high quality print and marketing services and has made major investments in HP digital print technology over the past ten years. His digital print roster includes HP Indigo 7900’s, two HP Indigo 12000’s, one HP Indigo 6800 for digital label production and an HP Scitex FB 700 and HP Latex 370. Bennett also has Heidelberg offset presses as well as Scodix digital embellishment technology. David graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Economics.


Have any questions you would like to ask our customers during the panel? Click here to enter your question, and we will to add it to the panel discussion.

Learn more about Operational Growth and Efficiency with Digital Finishing from Mike Ferrari 

Wednesday, March 27 from 11:30am-12:30pm
Dscoop Educational Session 

The Experiential Economy is driving brands to transform their marketing message. Short runs and speed to market are increasing complexity for printers. Digital finishing technologies are bringing new capability to workflow, providing growth and productivity. Understand how digital finishing can help you leverage the opportunity to achieve both top line and bottom-line growth. This presentation will provide insights and a model for you to sustain a healthy business in the commercial and packaging industries during these fast-changing times.

What will attendees take away?
1. Trends driving change in the printing & packaging landscape
2. Drive business success through consumer driven innovation
3. Provide a path forward of how you can pursue value creation with digital finishing
4. You can’t afford to be just good enough, you will understand how to excel


Mike Ferrari, Ferrari Innovation Solutions, llc

About The Speaker
Mike Ferrari is the founder of Ferrari Innovation Solutions, llc. He is a brand packaging consultant coaching corporate leaders and guest lecture professor at the University of Florida Packaging Engineering College. Retired after 32 years of service from The Procter & Gamble Co., he is dedicated to educate, guide & inspire those in the packaging industry to grow. Follow him on twitter via @gamechanger78

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You can tear off the pages one by one to use for quick notes, or even tear away several pages at once
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This product was produced on a Highcon digital cutting and creasing machine, was hand bound and contains
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