Print Service Providers

Innovative print service providers looking to extend their product portfolio or to gain a larger share of their clients’ print spend, frequently have to outsource folding carton work, losing time, money and control.
By bringing the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing solution in-house, printers can not only regain control of folding carton work, but can also offer new products to their existing customer base and attract new customers.
Promotional items, greeting cards, marketing collateral and even labels can all be digitally converted and add value to your product offering.

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“Many commercial print applications, from presentation folders to books and brochures, can benefit from digital finishing. It is a way to cost-effectively add value and market differentiation, taking print out of the commodity zone and increasing margins. It also means that printers with digital presses now have the ability to establish a completely digital workflow which is a necessity considering the fact that run lengths continue to decline, the number of smaller jobs is increasing, and delivery times grow ever shorter”, Cary Sherburne, Senior Editor, in “Digital Finishing – The Last Mile”.

...the bindery has still been a bottleneck. By introducing digital cutting and creasing, not only are you able to speed throughput and reduce costs with the elimination of physical dies, but it opens the door to many new applications that we couldn’t produce before, including compelling and unique direct mail, point of sale and promotional materials.

Jay Mandarino, President, CJ Graphics Inc.