The Highcon digital finishing technology not only speeds up workflow and shortens time to market but also removes many of the limitations inherent in the conventional die-cutting process. This means that graphic and packaging designers can now embrace the additional flexibility of the solution to produce greatly differentiated products even in short runs. Which in turn means that brand owners can achieve the innovation that they really need in order to stand out on the shelf, or in their marketing campaigns. By removing many of the limitations of the conventional die, Highcon allows designers to give free rein to their creativity.

Now designers can go wild with innovative structural design as well as graphic design. Customization or personalization can be easily done, even for short runs and the intricate cutouts that differentiate a luxury package or product become simple to produce.

To help prove the potential of the effect of digital finishing on design, Highcon has worked with design schools Shenkar and SCAD (Savannah college of art and design), asking students to produce the most innovative, feasible, and applicable product that they could design that would demonstrate clearly the amazing benefits of the Highcon digital cutting and creasing technology.

Their prize-winning designs can be seen below:


05_bbq shenkar
All in one barbecue bag by Ariel Anisfeld

Paper Zoo by Noah Aharanov

marbles game shenkar
Marbles game by Rivki Shaulzon

Designs from 3rd year students at Shenkar College of Engineering. Design. Art

Twisted Tea box and bag holder by Ariana Akmal, a Senior in Advertising & Vanessa Khattar, a Graduate of Luxury & Fashion Management

Fun Vitamin Box by Kanchan Dawani, a Sophomore in Fashion Design, and Neha Mardi, a graduate of Industrial Design

Galaxy LIghtbulb by Ken Macalino, a Junior in Industrial Design and Madison Gross, a Senior in Graphic Design.

SCAD logo
62 teams and over 140 students at the Savannah College of Art and Design
For Boutwell Owens the Highcon Euclid is no longer a vision- it is here and is now it is real. This machine allows us to take off the blindfolds and to achieve the complex in an affordable way. No longer is the cost of tooling and the intricacy of design a road block to what can be achieved esthetically

Bill Lorenz - VP Operations Boutwell Owens