Corrugated – update

The growth in the corrugated market driven considerably by the rise in e-commerce has given birth to a real need for dual purpose packaging that carries the brand message, protects the product and also delivers a positive unboxing experience.

Display components are also a natural for this machine. For many years corrugated has had a branding role, supporting both packaging and displays​.  The explosive growth of SKUs and the requirement for constant updating has released a demand for ‘Shelf-ready’ packaging and free standing displays, which translate into every shorter runs and frequent orders.

The Highcon Beam 2C and Euclid 5C digital cutting and creasing machine were specifically engineered to suit the needs of packaging converters working with fluted substrates from 1mm to 4mm / 39 – 157 pt. and 1 mm up to 3mm / 39-118pt. respectively

With this digital technology, users can not only save on the production and storage of die cutting forms but also adds the flexibility of digital technology which enables JIT production (rather than JIT delivery), short runs, customized perforations with cleaner edges and easier opening, and variable data etching for customization or personalization down to the level of serial numbers.  Digital also means the ability to customize structure to optimize box size, reducing over packing and ensuring the production of the right sized box per product.

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