Brands & Designers

Design comes to life!

Cost effective production and design flexibility no longer have to be mutually exclusive!

Today, everything happens faster. Technology has been the catalyst, but consumer demand and expectations are the forces behind it. You need to launch your products more quickly and reach the shelves with greater differentiation and more versioning. And with the highly competitive nature of the consumer market, you want your products to stand out and command attention.

This of course leads to a demand for just-in-time delivery and shorter runs of more packaging versions — particularly with the huge growth in e-commerce! Now Highcon brings a solution that not only addresses these market demands, but also offers more in terms of creativity and versatility.

Opening up new possibilities, the Highcon Euclid and Beam machines remove the barriers that once existed to package design creativity, allowing for much needed innovation. This allows you to design, market and package your products the way you want to, at the speed you need, while giving your converters the tools to do it profitably.

  • Speed to market
  • Personalization & customization
  • Creative differentiation
  • Shelf appeal and displays
  • Performance – frustration-free packaging
  • Cost reduction
  • Unpacking experience
  • Assists in Sustainability goals