Ilan Print – New Customers & Markets with Highcon Axis & Highcon Euclid

The Challenge

A loyal customer of Ilan Print who orders all kinds of marcom products from the company – books, brochures catalogs and more – asked if the Highcon Euclid they had heard about could produce a box for their upcoming book. The customer had no die cutting experience but the graphic design was already done.

Although Ilan Print has a strong graphic design staff, they have no in-house structural designer with experience in packaging and up until now had outsourced large scale packaging design and production.

The Solution

By using the Highcon Axis, together with the Highcon Euclid, both the customer and Ilan Print were able to move ahead with no problem. Their designers could logon, go into the Axis library, chose the required dimensions they needed for their box and the dieline was automatically created. They sent the dieline to the customer to apply graphics and then uploaded it back into Axis for 3D preview with graphics.

The uploaded file was sent to the customer the same day. The customer approved the design online and the entire order of 150 boxes was accepted, printed, cut, creased and delivered within 24 hours.

According to Eran Friedman: “The Highcon Euclid III offers us true versatility; the ability to extend the already wide range of commercial applications we offer our customers. The machine will not only complete an all-digital flow from our HP Indigo 10000 digital press but will also support our offset printed pieces on B2/30in. sheets and allow us also to produce highly differentiated pieces on unprinted B1/40 in. stock. Together with the Highcon Axis the service we can now offer our customers is incomparable”.


  • 24 hour turnaround for customer
  • No in-house structural design expertise needed with Highcon Axis
  • Highcon Axis enables digital approval cycle
  • Short run digitally cut and creased product