Coffee capsule box

This box is a concept piece by Highcon.

A classic way to offer coffee capsules.

In the box you can find 4 flavors according to the seasons. Using Highcon’s unique technology we add intricate cutting to increase the unique way of presenting the capsules.

In the bottom of the case we added a small security code to show the capabilities of the Highcon Euclid lasers for security etching.

Technical details
Substrate: Iggesund Incada Exel
250 gsm / 300μ
Printing: Digital Print
HP 10000
Layout: B2 (500*700 mm) 1-up
Cutting decorations:
  • Intricate cutouts
  • Etching
  • Security
Average speed (s/h) 900 s/h

Key Benefits

  • Technology exclusive
  • Brand protection
  • Design creativity