Customized pasta boxes

The cutouts on the box match the type of pasta inside. By changing the cutouts only, we created two different designs for different pasta types, while the box layout remained the same.

This allows the creation of boxes differentiated by the cutouts alone, eliminating the need for additional layout design and separate set up. The cutouts also allow a view into the box in
an interesting and different way, unlike other regular boxes.

These boxes demonstrate a complete digital workflow having been printed on the HP 30000 digital press.

Technical Details
Substrate  Iggesund Invercote G

350 gsm / 400 μ

Printing: HP 30000 digital press
Layout: B2 – 500 X700 mm 4-up
Cutouts shaped according to the pasta type on the front of the box
Average speed s/h: 800 s/h

Key Benefits

  • Increased Design Flexibility
  • Cost reduction
  • Digital workflow