Brands & Designers

Agile  production and design creativity no longer have to be mutually exclusive!

Today, everything happens faster. Technology has been the catalyst, but consumer demand and expectations are the forces behind it. You need to launch your products more quickly and reach the shelves with greater differentiation and more versioning. And with the highly competitive nature of the consumer market, you want your products to stand out and command attention.

This of course leads to a demand for just-in-time delivery and shorter runs of more packaging versions — particularly with the huge growth in e-commerce! Now Highcon brings a solution that not only addresses these market demands, but also offers more in terms of creativity and versatility.

Opening up new possibilities, the Highcon Euclid and Beam machines remove the barriers that once existed to package design creativity, allowing for much needed innovation. This allows you to design, market and package your products the way you want to, at the speed you need, while giving your converters the tools to do it profitably.


Time to Market



Shorter Runs

Supply Chain 

Digital finishing simplifies the supply chain to reduce carbon footprint. The least wasteful package brings profit both to the environment and to the manufacturer  Amazon Prime has set the worldwide standard for increasingly rapid delivery. Anything above 24-48 hours for the consumer is too long. This impacts all brands The influence of Amazon on the global e-commerce is driving the adoption of FFP (frustration-free packaging) & SIOC (Ship in own container) Highcon digital cutting and creasing allows brands and designers the ability to deliver stand-out packaging and displays rapidly, in time to keep up with changing trends The segmentation of the market, mass customization, frequently based on big data, results in the need for shorter production runs which are the sweet spot for digital finishing Digital finishing simplifies and speeds up the entire supply chain; the approval process, the production of prototypes, and the production run with no need for physical dies
  • Eliminating the wood, metal, rubber of a physical die, the transportation and storage.
  • The Highcon non-crush process maintains the integrity of the box enabling light-weighting and rightsizing of the package.
  • Conventional packaging design can take up to 6 months from concept to production.
  • Rapid delivery: the digital process eliminates the need to order, produce, ship and setup a conventional die.
  • Creasing, cutting and stripping are all carried out in one pass after minutes of setup.
  • Online ordering in an end-to-end digital process with no Minimum Order Quantities
  • Strong protective packaging
  • Dual purpose packaging
  • Effective opening mechanisms
  • A positive unpacking experience
  • Personalization for relevance
  • Highcon  machines can produce packages that are not only highly attractive but also effective: intricate cutouts, sleeves, perforations, etching, zipper tears, all are extremely challenging for conventional die technology.
  • Shorter runs remain profitable .
  • With no need to store packages, on-demand production replaces on-demand delivery.
  • Current solutions based on conventional dies, when applied to shorter runs entail a higher fixed cost per job, longer lead time and minimize creativity.
  • Digital finishing simplifies the supply chain and reduces carbon footprint.
  • Same technology for prototypes, samples and final production
  • Setup in minutes rather than hours
  • Last minute editing
  • Laser cutting for full cutting, half cutting, perforation, or etching