Optional Modules

Highcon Euclid Productivity Boost

The Highcon Productivity Boost package extends the capabilities of the Highcon® Euclid platform, allowing customers to produce more jobs per-shift, with higher profitability, enabling a faster return on investment. Through a combination of software development and mechanical upgrade the Highcon Productivity Boost Package dramatically increases the effective speed of the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing machines.

With this package, customers can produce high-end decorative work, as well as regular die-cutting jobs with higher margins than ever before. The productivity boost applies to Highcon Euclid III, Euclid IIIS and the Euclid machines already installed around the globe.

The Productivity Boost delivers the following improvement:
• B1 (106 cm / 42 in.) – from 1,500 to a maximum speed of 2,250 SPH
• B2 (76 cm / 29 in.) – from 2,000 to a maximum speed of 2,750 SPH


_MG_5994_72Variable Data Cutting

This easy to use, variable data cutting and etching software is a  high value application for packaging, commercial printing and any printed communication, bringing the benefits of  variable data to finishing. It turns a technical process into an opportunity for differentiation. Variable data cutting can transform simple products into premium ones by adding customization, personalization and security applications. The  variable cutting can be performed per job as well as per sheet.  This optional module is included with the Highcon Euclid III and the Highcon Beam.


 Banner_Product_Axis04Highcon Axis

The Highcon Axis 2D to 3D platform is a software solution that brings the benefits of a web-to-print system to all the players in the complex paper or cartonboard production supply chain. While web-to-print solutions handle only straightforward 2D products, like brochures or business cards, the Highcon Axis handles all the intricacies of 3-dimensional folding applications.

This solution, developed in collaboration with XMPie and Esko specifically for packaging and other complex applications, can streamline ordering from your existing customers, as well as providing an online storefront for your business.  For more information click here.

This optional add-on module is available for all Highcon digital cutting and creasing machines


_MG_5843s_72Highcon Integrated Digital Stripping

This is an optional add-on module available for all Highcon digital cutting and creasing machines. The waste stripping mechanism is a built-in unit inside the Highcon machines that automatically removes the waste from the smallest internal cutouts produced on the sheets by the lasers. The optimized cutting algorithms, together with a new substrate handling system ensure completely clean cuts that are essential for intricate cutouts. All the small particles drop into an easily removable chamber. This module removes the need to buy, setup or store a separate stripping tool and further advances the productivity of the machine.


wine stand 200x300
1.4m/ 55 in. wine stand made with 3D Modeling on the Highcon Euclid

3D Modeling

The limitless design possibilities empowered by the Highcon Euclid machines have driven a move into new, even more exciting applications. By digitally cutting numerous layers of substrate with subtle changes in the design, the world of 3D modeling with paper becomes easily accessible.

The Highcon Euclid III 3D Modeling Package offers customers 3D modeling capabilities at speed, size and cost that have never been available, unleashing the power of paper. Extend your services and offering into new markets and capabilities based on your current expertise in paper, utilizing a wide range of substrates for 3D modeling, including press make-ready sheets.


Advanced Registration

Highcon Advanced Registration adds  the capability to detect a printed mark on the sheet while inputting sheets into the machine paper handling process. This is on top of a mechanical registration that detects the edge of the sheets.  This new module improves the registration of cutting and creasing, reducing errors resulting from printing. This is of particular importance for digitally printed sheets and can compensate for the inaccuracy of the printed image relative to the sheet leading edge.  This optional module is included in the Highcon Euclid III and the Highcon Beam.

Highcon CAD Light Editor

The Highcon CAD Light Editor software module allows operators to take full advantage of the flexibility of the digital cutting and creasing technology by enabling:

  • Last minute editing of crease and cut lines
    • Corrections, design changes, optimization
  • Nick optimization
    • Increasing or decreasing the size of nicks
    • Adding and removing nicks
  • Stripping lines which facilitate efficient waste removal

This optional module is included with the Highcon Euclid III and the Highcon Beam.