Strategic Partners

In order to ensure that the Highcon Euclid digital cutting and creasing solutions work flawlessly with existing processes, we cooperate with industry leading vendors to test a wide range of applications and substrates.



I mean, we are a producing company. For us – the production time, the speed, the setup time, that is key for us; you don’t have to invest in a tool anymore. We can basically change the structural design up until the last minute of production, so – shorter time to market, shorter time span with everything. We can basically produce five minutes after we have got the ‘okay’ from the customer. We’ve gained new customers with the machine, since we don’t have any tool, we are able to sell to smaller projects, smaller customers and also for campaign products, where you have a short life length or short life cycle of the product.

Lasse Svärd/ Gafs Kartong


I hold a sincere belief that the people we place are the foundation of our success. With shared values and an un wavering commitent to creatinga cultue of service, diversity and community, I believe Highcon provides an exceptional work environment. The award winning Highcon Euclid is the first fully digital cutting and creasing machine for converting paper, labels, folding carton and microflute.