Coffee capsule box

A classic way to offer coffee capsules. In the box you can find 4 flavors according to the seasons. Using Highcon’s unique technology we add intricate cutting to increase the unique way of prese...

Spread tube boxes

Each box shows different delicate cutouts, adding unique value to the box design and shelf appeal, which would have been very complicated and expensive to produce conventionally, if at all possible.

Wine bottle box

One of the first packages produced by a customer, this box was designed and produced by Glossop Cartons, UK. On the front there are very complex cutouts aligned with the graphic design. Another ele...

Wedding invitation

Turning an invitation into an experience! Create a ‘Wow’ effect to draw attention to an upcoming event. This invitation designed by Peter Dahmen, creates surprise, excitement and a lasting effect o...

Mylène perfume box

This box was produced by Antilope Printing for a Belgian company, Mylène. The perfume is sold online, and the manufacturer was looking for a way to make the package unique, so that even online cust...